Does Your CBD Come from a GMP Certified Factory

CBD and THC aren’t the only acronyms around here. GMP is the next one you oughta know. So what exactly does it stand for anyway? Quite simply, this acronym stands for the Good Manufacturing Practices, or, the regulations put in place by the US Food and Drug Administration to ensure quality and safety of products. A GMP Certificate relates to the manufacture of a product or ingredient to attest it as appropriate. Say what? Put simply, it’s a system put in place to ensure products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards. It requires that manufacturers take steps to ensure their products are pure, effective, and safe. Let’s get into the nitty gritty.

The GMP Audit

GMP Certificates are typically given to medicinal, therapeutic, pharmaceutical or cosmetic manufacturing facilities To earn and maintain GMP certification, the manufacturing facility must be audited and found to comply with the required GMP standards. This audit includes production materials, the facility premises and equipment, production procedures, documents, as well as staff cleanliness. Each and every time a product is made, there must be procedures in place to ensure accuracy and consistency.

What’s in it for the Consumer?

GMP regulations require companies to approach the manufacturing process in a way to minimize or eliminate errors and contamination. At the consumer level, a GMP certification ensures someone is purchasing a safe, effective product, not one that may be harmful to them. When a facility complies with GMP, their products are generally a safe choice for consumer use. The quality of the CBD products you take matters. It’s important, for your health, that the company manufacturing your CBD complies with these practices.


While so many companies are selling CBD-based products to keep up with the trend, not all of them comply with GMP standards. These companies may be selling products of questionable effectiveness or quality. At this time, it’s not required that CBD companies comply with GMP. On the other hand, those who do comply, sell products that are not only effective but have no cross contamination, heavy metals, or other elements that may cause health issues. In addition, products from GMP Certified companies ensure that each product contains the amount of CBD as it claims. With this proof, what you see is what you get. Isn’t that nice?

GMP Certificatation

GMP certification is granted if, and only if, a facility has been audited and found to comply with GMP certification standards. On the certificate will include the name and address of the manufacturing site as well as the scope of the certification. The scope of the certification will include the range of products and their dosage forms. This certificate is normally valid for a period of 3 years.

GMP or cGMP?

GMP is often referred to as cGMP. The added “c” stands for current, or, the up-to-date orders a facility must comply. They are largely interchangeable terms that require manufacturers to keep up-to-date on the requirements needed to meet certification. The FDA expects companies to continually improve their facilities standards. And these guidelines are what assist organizations in keeping organized and accountable.

Getting the Best Products

On top of a CBD company’s Certificate of Analysis (COA), you may want to know if they have been granted a GMP Certificate. You deserve to be purchasing quality products that are both safe and effective. This transparency from a company ensures you’re getting exactly what they’re claiming to sell. And who wouldn’t want that?

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