Flying with CBD

We all know that flying can be stressful. Let’s be real: TSA is an adventure in itself. Yeah, sure, it’s there to ensure our own safety, but we can’t deny that it makes the travel process a bit longer. Not only do you need to make sure you get to the airport early enough to comfortably make your flight without rushing through the airport, but you need to make sure you’re smart when packing your carry-ons to ensure smooth sailing through security. Between making sure all of your toiletries are travel-sized, to making sure your water bottle is empty, you may be asking yourself, can I bring my CBD on the plane? Am I allowed to bring it through security? But no worries - we’ve got the answers you need.

Before CBD products became normalized, the answer would have been no. Although they may be legal in your own state, CBD oils that contain THC are still illegal under Federal law and therefore not legal to fly with. However, TSA now allows you to carry approved CBD products with you into the sky. Products and medications that contain hemp derived CBD are legal, as long as they are produced within the regulations defined under law in the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018.

Okay, so your CBD product is legal to use and completely legal to bring with you through TSA. Now what? Why would you want to bring CBD with you when you travel? First off, if you find yourself anxious about flying, CBD may be a perfect remedy for you. CBD oil is proven to reduce stress and help relieve anxiety. Taking CBD 30 minutes to an hour before you fly will help you get into a calm headspace before take-off and may even make it easier for you to fall asleep on the plane.

Topical CBD creams may also be a good option for the savvy traveler. Obviously, a lot of people in the airport means a lot of germs. A lot of germs means a lot of hand washing (hopefully), which we all know can sadly lead to very dry, cracked hands. In fact, traveling in general can tend to leave our skin drier than when we left. A CBD infused moisturizer or hand cream may be the ideal remedy for this. Since CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, it’s the perfect upgrade from your every day, run of the mill moisturizer and will save your skin from the dryness that travel can bring. 

CBD Squeeze Shots are the quintessential travel essential. They are compact, easy and discreet. They are perfect to pop in your carry-on, purse or diaper bag and will go through security without a problem. When you find yourself stressed amongst the hustle and bustle of the busy airport, take 5 minutes to yourself, have a Squeeze Shot and prioritize your relaxation for a moment. This short amount of time can prove to be very effective and beneficial to your overall travel experience.

Whether you’re an avid work traveler or only take the occasional flight for vacation, you should never have to find yourself stressed at the airport. The only hard thing you should have to worry about when flying is which free in-flight snack you’re going to choose. Now that you know that your CBD is safe to travel with, the only thing you need to do is toss it in your carry on and be on your way with the peace of mind that you have stress relief available right at the tip of your fingers. CBD saves the day. Happy traveling!

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