Here's What's Trending in the CBD Industry

We’ve schooled you on plenty of ways you can take CBD. Whether you’re a purist who loves CBD oil, a trendsetter who loves gummies, or an on-the-go-gal who carries CBD Squeeze Shots in her purse, there’s something for everyone. And not just people -- you’ve probably seen CBD products for pets, too! But what’s next? There’s got to be more, right? We’re certainly not stopping anytime soon. Let’s take a look at what’s trending in the CBD industry in 2019 and beyond.

CBD and Food

We’re not talking about just gummies and chocolates. Been there, tried that. And yes, they’re pretty tasty! We’re talking CBD-based dinners. Hosted by actual restaurants and chefs. We’ve noticed a trend of chefs experimenting with all types of CBD-infused ingredients, like salad dressings, protein bars, and desserts. Imagine a 4-course dinner with each course containing a pop of CBD? Talk about relaxation to the max! Table for two, please!

CBD Beverages

Adios watermelon water, hello CBD seltzers, teas, and energy drinks! Oh, beer and wine too? You bet. You may have already seen some of the CBD tonics out there. They make for a delicious cocktail and, thanks to zero THC, you won’t get crossfaded. In fact, you’ll be feeling quite nice. CBD coconut water is an excellent option for athletes. Post workout, sip on one of these to aid muscle repair and reduce inflammation. Coffee without the jitters sounds quite nice, doesn’t it? Perk up your mornings with a CBD cold brew for a calm, yet energized feeling. Coromega Squeeze Shots blend great into any liquid.

CBD Beauty Products

Lotions and salves are one thing, but next-level CBD products include both beauty and skincare products. Care for some examples? We’ve got a few. Imagine dabbing on a CBD eye cream onto the most delicate skin under your eyes? Puffy eyes, begone! How about mascara with hemp-derived cannabis seed oil? Swipe your lashes with this for both hydration and nourishment. You can also find hemp-derived cannabis seed oil in lip glosses for a hydrating, calming, and soothing effect. Pucker up!

CBD Self Care

CBD may pack a bunch of health benefits, but they’re not just physical. Mental health and overall well-being may be improved with the use of CBD oil. Friday night in? A good book and a CBD bath bomb are what the doctor called for. Soak your stresses away with a bath bomb that may also help reduce muscle and joint pain after a long workout. After a bath, finish the night off with a rubdown of CBD cream for a night of super restful sleep. Bring on the zzz’s!

CBD for Pets

Given the effects of CBD oil on humans, it may come as a surprise that there are CBD products for dogs, right? Not so much. Does your fur friend get a little anxious on flights or car rides? Maybe a little separation anxiety while you’re at work? A few hemp treats might be the fix to ease his nerves. Dogs suffer from stress just like we humans do, and CBD dog treats may just be a healthy and natural way to relieve them.

If you’ve dabbled with CBD oils, candies, or chocolates, you’re one step ahead from those who haven’t experienced the greatness of cannabinoids. But there’s so much more out there to experiment with. Foodies should go ahead and book a reservation for a CBD dinner. Busy moms and entrepreneurs will love a little self-care evening with CBD wellness products. Beauty gurus might find CBD products just as awesome as traditional makeup. And for those of you with pets, know that your furry friends can hop on the CBD train too. Which will you try first?

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