Introducing CBD American Shaman plus Coromega CBD/Omega 3 Squeeze Shots

We’ve Got Big News

In case you missed it (you’re not living under a rock, are you?), we recently partnered with CBD American Shaman to provide you some of the best CBD oil products on the market. With CBD American Shaman offering ultra-concentrated, terpene rich CBD products, you already know it’s going to be great.

As part of our partnership, we’ve launched a brand new product: CBD + Omega-3 Squeeze Shots. This next-generation therapeutic formula is crafted with a blend of 10mg of CBD and 650mg of omega-3. Each Squeeze Shot is individually measured and packaged, so you are guaranteed to get the exact dosage every time.

We’re pretty pumped to be offering this new product to our fans. Take it from our executive vice president and COO himself, Andrew Aussie, who exclaims “We’re excited to partner with CBD American Shaman to help bring their newest CBD private label product to market,” he says. “The new CBD + Omega-3 Squeeze Shots are a convenient, delicious, and easy way for anyone to get a potent dose of CBD and omega-3s on the go. As the leading brand of emulsified oils for wellness, we’re excited to expand our capabilities for private label offerings and help more amazing brands like CBD American Shaman bring clean, cutting-edge CBD products to market with more speed.” And it’s not just our COO Andrew who’s thrilled. Joel Mackey, director of digital marketing for CBD American Shaman shares his excitement too: “We're excited to partner with Coromega and bring CBD into consumers’ daily supplement intake to reach homeostasis and balance in their lives.”

What to Expect

Our CBD + Omega-3 Squeeze Shots are crafted with CBD oil derived from industrial hemp, as well as omega-3s. This blend aims to support joint health, inflammation reduction, and pain relief. Each bag includes 24 individual squeeze shots. And not only are they packed with Omega-3s, they are gluten-free, keto friendly, and free of sugar, artificial sweeteners, dairy, yeast and wheat. Honestly, what more could you ask for? Oh, the taste? All good here too. These portable squeeze shots are citrus-flavored, and we think you’ll find them pretty dang delicious.

Another huge bonus of our Squeeze Shots is their portability. Gal on the go? Sneak a shot into your purse. Need a recovery shot after a killer workout? Pop one in your gym bag for a post-workout option. They’re also great for travel, whether you’re off on a long drive or headed to the airport. And yes, they’re TSA friendly. Wherever you’re headed, these Squeeze Shots can be easily tucked away with the rest of your belongings.

The Science Behind our Squeeze Shots

Taking a deeper look inside our Squeeze Shots, we’re happy to share that the CBD oil used in this product is processed using food-grade ethanol extraction from high-grade, industrial hemp that is grown by reliable, environmentally responsible and passionate farmers in Colorado. The natural ethanol extraction ensures the CBD oil is a pure, high-quality oil. And for your safety, we use a third-party lab testing to guarantee purity and potency before, during and after manufacturing.

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