The 9 to 5er’s Guide to CBD

You know the drill. Work 40 hours a week, 8 hours a day and sometimes even more. Come home, go to the gym, make dinner, plop on the couch. Repeat. It’s the routine and it’s what we need to do to pay the bills. But let’s admit it, working that 9-5 job can become stressful. And redundant. And quite frankly, a little boring.

There’s gotta be something you can do to make that everyday routine a little less stressful, right? Perhaps not just less stressful, but maybe even enjoyable? The answer is simple: start incorporating CBD into your daily routine. Yes, it’s really that simple.

There are many ways that the working person can get through their weekly 9-5 grind by adding CBD products into their everyday life. And we’re here to help you do just that. Let’s chat.

First up, do you usually drink coffee every morning? Do you love that caffeine jolt but don’t really like the irritability that can come with it? Try boosting your usual brew with some CBD and enjoy it on your daily commute. If you find coffee gives you the jitters or packs too much of a caffeine punch, adding CBD to your coffee may be the perfect solution for you. The CBD balances out the caffeine, giving you a more peaceful sensation while still keeping you alert. What a great headspace to start your work day!

For those of you that travel for work, we understand that the always on-the-go lifestyle can be an entirely different source of stress in itself. Luckily, CBD is a legal substance that you can pack in your suitcase with no hassle from TSA. Stress relief while traveling can be as quick and easy as popping a CBD Squeeze Shot in your carry-on bag. Simply taking a squeeze shot right before you fly is a fast and discreet way to keep yourself calm throughout the duration of your flight.

Whether you’re a business mogul constantly traveling or a doctor feeling like you’re always on call, it’s easy to incorporate CBD products into your everyday life. Why not show yourself a little love and care too? Our CBD Squeeze Shots are convenient, portable, and very discreet. Whether you keep them in your work bag or have a stash in your cubicle, they will always be there to provide you relief from the everyday stressors the work week can bring.



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