Coromega Omega 3 + Vitamin D


Coromega offers a delicious alternative to fish oil soft gels. Each Coromega Squeeze is a creamy and delicious orange flavored shot of Omega 3 with Vitamin D. All-natural flavoring with no fishy taste or aftertaste! A full daily dose of Omega 3 in every pouch. The first Omega 3 supplement that actually tastes great - each packet contains 650 mg of omega-3 fatty acids - emulsified for better absorption and no fishy burps! - sugar-free, gluten-free and dairy-free - no refrigeration required - best of all - delicious and no fishy taste!

  • Tastes great!
  • 650 mg Omega 3 per pouch
  • 3X better absorption than ordinary softgels
  • No fish burps!
  • Easy to talk

     Made with quality in San Diego by Coromega.    


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