PET PARENT BUNDLE - Coromega Pup Packets + Coromega Max

$34.99 $39.98
Did you know that Coromega is now making omega-3 products for your pet?
We recently introduced Coromega Pup Packets and they are getting rave reviews from pets and pet owners alike.

Now you and your pet can share in the gift of good health with the Coromega Pet Parent Bundle.

With each purchase you get a 30 count bag of Coromega Pup Packets for your dog and a 30 count bag of delicious Coromega Max for you.

The best part is the good healthy benefit of omega 3 that you enjoy together with your pet.  The second best thing is the price - this special bundle is priced for savings on both products together.

Available with Pup Packet Condition formula (with Vitamin E), or Pup Packet Mobility formula, both in a natural fish flavor that dogs LOVE!



 Made with quality in San Diego by Coromega. 


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