How to Spot a High-Quality Fish Oil

Traditional fish oil pills not only leave you with fish burps, but research has shown that many of our competitors' pills are oxidized and rancid upon purchase. Global studies have shown that an average of 20% of fish oil products have excessive oxidation, meaning there’s a ⅕ chance of buying fish oil in pill form that is more oxidized than the recommended level.

1. Check for Oxidation

Traditional fish oil pills often have issues with oxidation, which can lead to rancidity and fishy burps. Research indicates that around 20% of fish oil products may be excessively oxidized upon purchase.

2. Consider Exposure

Omega-3 oils can oxidize when exposed to heat, light, or air. Look for products that have been protected from these elements throughout the manufacturing process to ensure freshness and effectiveness.

3. Opt for Emulsified (liquid-based) Formulas

Emulsified omega-3 formulas, like those from Coromega, offer superior absorption compared to traditional pills. With a higher surface area, these formulas are easier for the body to digest, allowing for better utilization of the omega-3 fatty acids.

4. Choose Quality & Transparency

Coromega's products stand out for their quality and manufacturing process. Each packet is carefully protected from oxygen and light, and the company goes the extra mile by flushing packets with nitrogen. This ensures that the omega-3 remains fresh and potent until consumption.

5. Review what Customers are saying

Coromega has over 5,000 5+ star organic reviews! Take a look at our Testimonial Page to learn what others have to say.

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