Kids Vegan DHA Omega-3


Coromega DHA from Algae is a fun and delicious way for kids to get their omega-3 fatty acids which are so important for strong brain development. The DHA in this product is LifesDHA® and delivers 200mg of pure DHA from algae in each Squeeze Shot


Forget giant pills and unpleasant oils

Just tear and squeeze for Maximum benefit


Our omega-3 squeezes are clinically proven to have 300% better absorption than traditional fish oil soft gels. Backed by science, our superior emulsification process increases the surface area of each omega-3 fatty acid, making it ultra-ready for your body to digest and put to use. Your body can absorb 3x more of the omega-3’s in a Coromega emulsified squeeze vs. with a pill, which our bodies have trouble breaking down. That is 3x more omega-3 that your body can use to support heart health, brain function, reduce inflammation, and lower cholesterol.