Traditional fish oil pills not only leave you with fish burps, but research has shown that many of our competitors' pills are oxidized and rancid upon purchase. Global studies have shown that an average of 20% of fish oil products have excessive oxidation, meaning there’s a ⅕ chance of buying fish oil in pill form that is more oxidized than the recommended level.

It’s normal for polyunsaturated fatty acids like fish oil to oxidize. This oxidation can happen when the oil is exposed to heat, light, or air. Rancid oil hasn’t been proven to be harmful to humans, but who wants to consume anything that’s technically spoiled? The supplement market is not highly regulated, and retail sellers don’t know what to look for in a high quality fish oil product. Omega-3 that doesn’t get exposed to heat, light, or air is thought to be the superior form of the fatty acid, as the oxidation process has not yet had a chance to break it down. When consumed in an oxidized form, the consumer may not receive all of the promised omega-3 benefits.

That’s where Coromega comes in. Our product creation process ensures each packet of Coromega goodness is the highest quality. We do this by protecting our fish oil from oxygen and light during every step of the manufacturing sequence. Until you rip open one of our packets, Coromega’s products are never exposed to oxygen or UV light. We even go one step further and flush each packet under a blanket of nitrogen.

packet of omega-3 emulsified formula

Coromega is the best choice on the market for high quality fish oil to support your health goals. Our emulsified formula increases the surface area of each omega-3 fatty acid, making it easier for your body to digest and put to use. In this emulsified form, your body is able to absorb 3x more omega-3 than it could in pill form. Adults and kids love our omega-3 squeeze packets in the delicious citrus burst flavor, and dogs love them too in our all-natural fish flavor! Taking a daily dose of Coromega supports heart health, brain function, and can help lower cholesterol and reduce inflammation for optimal health and well-being.