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A recent article in  highlights a HUGE problem in the omega-3 fish oil industry - - RANCID FISH OIL SOFT GELS.

Independent tests confirm that many notable brands of omega-3 fish oil soft gels actually contain oil that has been exposed to oxygen and has become rancid.  As much as 10% of the market is thought to consist of spoiled omega-3 fish oil, and almost half of all brands were shown to have omega-3 levels BELOW what was advertised.

Government regulators have a hard time monitoring the market and retail stores generally don’t check.  This means it is up to consumers to make sure they are buying only the best. That’s where we come in.

At Coromega, we developed a proprietary process to protect our fish oil from oxygen and light during every single step of the manufacturing process by placing each dose into a protective film pouch.  This ensures the highest quality oxygen free environment for the product…until you open and taste it, our fish oil is never exposed to oxygen or UV light.  We care so much about fighting against oxidation that we flush each pouch under a blanket of nitrogen – NO OTHER OMEGA-3 PRODUCT PROTECTS AGAINST RANCIDITY AND OXIDATION LIKE COROMEGA. When you pair that with our 300% absorption advantage the choice is obvious.

You want clean, pure, fresh omega-3?  Coromega’s the only choice.

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I think I knew this but I have to say that rancid fish oil is really nothign worse. I have never had Coromega that isn’t absolutely perfect.

Murray T. January 20, 2022

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