Coromega makes the best nutritional supplements on the market - we have been making emulsified Omega 3 squeeze shots for 20 years in our own factory in  California. Coromega's products are clinically proven to be 3x as effective as traditional fish oil softgels.  Each serving is individually packaged and free from oxygen, for an effective, delicious, fresh and effective dietary supplement.
Taste the difference of the best and most effective omega 3 there is!

Our Story: It all started with a little girl in Norway

Coromega 's formula was developed in Norway in 1980. A scientist named Grandpa Johan, was worried because his granddaughter, Monica, didn’t like taking fish oil, which is not only important for children's health but a traditional expectation in Norway.

Grandpa Johan created an emulsified form of fish oil that was flavored with oranges so that it would taste delicious for Monica. Many people say his recipe tastes like an “orange dreamsicle,” and looks like a sports gel. His goal was to make it more of a treat than a chore, and he succeeded because she loved it! To perfect the formula, Johan worked for many years until he had a consistency, and he was awarded a patent.

In 1999, Coromega brought Grandpa Johans technology and formula to the US and built our own factory in San Diego where we formulate and produce every batch ourselves, to the highest standards and certifications. 

As with any great invention, there are sometimes additional benefits that are not immediately known. In our case the biggest surprise was that emulsifying fish oil not only made it taste great, but also allowed for better absorption. In fact, Coromega is clinically proven to have 3x better absorption than regular fish oil pills. Another benefit and one that we all appreciate is that because it absorbs better, fish burps are eliminated.

You might be surprised to hear that Monica still takes her Coromega everyday, and she is now a mother herself, and her four young boys now enjoy taking their Coromega too.

Coromega is a family product - developed with love and caring, and made to this day with the same love and caring.  We wish you all the best of health, and we hope you enjoy the story of how our wonderful products came to be.