A proven better fish oil product

A recently published study in the journal Lipids by Dr Susan Raatz of the USDA, reported significant increases in bioavailability for the omega 3 fatty acids found in Coromega when compared to capsules and another leading brand of emulsified fish oil. 

In a randomized controlled clinical trial, Dr Raatz and her team investigated feeding a single matched dosage of Coromega Squeeze, Coromega Nectar, a leading fish oil capsule and another emulsified product.  The dose of each product provided totaled 660mg of EPA.  There were 10 men and 7 women in this study.

Omega 3 fatty acids like EPA and DHA rise in the blood following digestion and absorption of fish oil or omega 3 rich foods.  The higher the EPA or omega 3 levels go in the blood, the more omega 3 from the fish oil that is absorbed. The blood is the ‘super highway’ for delivering nutrients around the body. 

From this study we can see that just a single dose has a profound effect on the blood’s composition of EPA omega-3.  Once in the blood, EPA is then available to be dispersed to various tissues in the body.

When all of the absorption data was tallied for each treatment during the 48 hour period, Coromega Squeeze performed significantly better for absorption.  Coromega Squeeze and Nectar had significantly greater absorption of EPA compared to fish oil capsules and another emulsion based on area under the curve. 

What is bioavailability?

The term bioavailability refers to our body’s ability to absorb a particular nutrient or medicine into our body.  While many of us may think that we absorb all of what we eat or all of what medicines we take, this could be further from what happens.  While we tend to absorb fat, carbohydrate and protein fairly well, some medicines we consume are only absorbed at around 20%. 

The study by Dr. Raatz demonstrated that emulsions like Coromega Squeeze contribute to greater absorption of omega 3 from dietary supplements. 

Why are emulsions like Coromega favored for absorption? 

The normal fat digestion process of our body starts with emulsification in the stomach and intestine.  Emulsification is a process that mixes water and fat.  Dietary fat is mixed with bile acids in our intestine to mix or blend fat into a mix of water and lipid (fat) in an emulsified state.  The emulsified fat then travels further down into our intestines where it is absorbed through the intestinal wall.  This is how our body normally absorbs fat. 

In an emulsified state, fat has a much greater surface area than fat that is not emulsified.  Greater surface area, helps dietary fat interact with various enzymes and chemicals that are part of the process of absorption.  

So not surprisingly, pre-emulsified products like Coromega are readily absorbed compared to regular capsules, helping promote absorption and omega-3 status in individuals.


Raatz SK, Johnson LK, Bukowski MR. Enhanced Bioavailability of EPA From Emulsified Fish Oil Preparations Versus Capsular Triacylglycerol. Lipids. 2015 Dec 21. [Epub ahead of print]

From Coromega's Advisory Board, Dr. Doug Bibus