Gift-giving can be tough when it comes to honoring one of the biggest gifts in YOUR life, mom! Rest assured though, we’ve got you covered. The Coromega team has spent hours compiling the very best healthy gift picks (and amazing deals) for Mother’s Day 2024. In the wise words of Buddha, "Health is the greatest gift", and we take that quite literally. 

For Stress Relief: Apollo Wearable 

Mom may love a good cup of camomile tea and some ashwagandha on occasion, but how can you really support her through stressful times? The Apollo Wearable is a holistic way to improve both neurological and cardiovascular responses to stress. Developed by neuroscientists and physicians, it sends gentle vibrations that help regulate the nervous system through touch. 

Mother’s Day Promo: Get up to $50 off an Apollo Wearable through May 13th, 2024!

For Restful Nights: Chillipad Dock Pro Sleep System

When it comes to quality sleep, the perfect temperature is everything. The Chillipad Dock Pro Sleep System is an effective way to optimize mom’s sleep quality and quantity! While being an investment, it is a worthy one with a 30 night sleep trial and year warranty. 

P.S. They will be having an email promo ONLY for Mother’s Day so don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter!

For Supple Skin: Coromega MAX Citrus + Paya Health Superior Skin Gummies + Fresh Smooth, Radiant Skin Ritual

To support healthy skin, the work has to come from the inside out. That’s why we recommend making mom a personalized, skin health basket! Coromega’s MAX Citrus paired with Paya Health’s Superior Skin Gummies make an unbeatable team when it comes to skin loving nutrients. Omega-3 helps to calm irritated skin and supports moisture, while retinol and biotin help reduce the appearance of blemishes, hyperpigmentation and fine lines. Truly a super combo!

For topical skincare, Fresh’s Smooth, Radiant Skin Ritual offers a three piece routine full of vitamins and natural moisture enhancers. By bundling both internal and external tools, mom’s skin can feel rejuvenated from the inside out!

Of course, Coromega’s got you covered with a Mother’s Day Promo! Be sure to use code: MOM20 for 20% off through May 10th, 2024! 

For Hearty Snacking: Sunfood Superfoods Organic Golden Milk Superblend + Original and Maple Liège Vafels Bundle

Does she have a sweet (but nutritious) tooth? This duo makes for a great breakfast on the go or a midday pick me up for mom! Vafels’ Original and Maple Liège Vafels Bundle is the best of both flavors. These on-the-go waffles are vegan and filled with hearty ingredients like organic whole ground flax seeds and wheat flour, so they pack a punch when it comes to natural energy. 

The perfect pair to this snack is the Sunfood Superfoods Organic Golden Milk Superblend, a classic Turmeric drink with black pepper to boost bioavailability. Known to soothe both body and mind, this drink is a great treat at any time of day. 

For a Workout Challenge: Bala Bangles

When it comes to mom’s health, strength training is a great way to ensure she is taking care of her joints. Bala Bangles are an easy, stylish way to add resistance to a casual walk or run while not overdoing it. There are many colors to choose from, so pick wisely! These bangles are also comfortable to wear, and simple to clean.

 Be sure to use code: COROMEGA20 for 20% off through June 15th, 2024!


For Productive Walks: Brooks Ghost Max

Mom may love to walk but hates when she has foot pain. Don’t let mom do miles in beat up old sneakers! The Brooks Ghost Max is a shoe made with comfort in mind. With maximum protective cushioning, it’s great for protecting the foot against hard landings as well as supporting stability. 

For a Brain Boost: Coromega MAX Citrus + Genius Consciousness

Your mom is probably the smartest person you know, and you love to support her great ideas. Give her the gift of brain health with a combo of Coromega’s MAX Citrus and The Genius Brand’s Genius Consciousness. These two neuro-heroes are packed with all the nutrients needed to optimize brain health daily. 

Now, get to gifting!

We hope this curated list helped you find the perfect gift to show mom that her health matters. Be sure to stay tuned for more Coromega blog gift picks that aren’t your average items!