I Don’t Like Taking Pills – GIVE ME A CHOICE

 Do you hate taking pills?  Us too.

Coromega is THE SOLUTION!

Coromega’s squeeze products are a delicious, easy to take, easy to swallow, single serve gel packet.  Just snip, tear and squeeze – it’s as easy as that, and the experience beats pills all day long.

According to a study by Harris Interactive:
40% of Americans report having difficulty swallowing pills
80% don’t like the feeling of having a pill stuck in their throat.
32% say pills cause them to gag
14% have delayed taking their medication, 8 percent have skipped a dose and 4 percent have stopped using their medication altogether. All because they hate taking pills!
One way around this is to take Coromega’s delicious emulsified products. But, if you need to take pills, consider these five tips:

  1.     Head posture techniques
    There are different ways to hold your head, neck and mouth while taking medication that can make the pill-taking process simpler. Your doctor or pharmacist can coach you through these techniques.

  2.     Use products to aid swallowing
    There are some products that make swallowing pills easy, such as specialized pill cups, sprays or other aids, which you can find at a pharmacy. These may make swallowing pills simpler, and keep patients of all ages adherent.

  3.     Understand the pill-taking process
    Many people, especially young patients, can have anxiety about taking pills. It helps when they understand the process with imagery and metaphors. For example, pill takers can imagine that their tongue is a water slide and the pill is a rider going down the slide into their stomach, the pool. Creating fun, silly, ways of understanding how you swallow a pill works can help reduce anxiety.

  4.     Breathing exercises
    13 % of adults polled in a study said that taking a deep breath before taking a pill helped. When you are more relaxed, taking a pill may be easier.

If taking pills is a problem for you, or if fish oil softgels are just too big or too smelly, try Coromega squeeze shots.  They are much easier to take, and many users find them to be a superior product.


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