A 2021 study concluded that a little over 30% of people had difficulty swallowing whole pills, even though most medications and supplements are only available as solid dose forms like tablets and capsules. Even if you don’t have a hard time swallowing pills, you may hate the feeling of the pill sticking in your throat, or the gag reflex it may cause you to have when trying to swallow. Read on to see how Coromega’s products are not pill-based, and can deliver top-quality supplements in a quick, tasty formula that requires zero pill swallowing. 

What if I told you that you can take omega-3, MCT oil, Vitamin C, and turmeric in squeeze form? Look no further!

Coromega’s easy single serve squeeze packets make it easy to take your daily dose of omega-3 fish oil, keto MCT oil, Vitamin C, and turmeric. Just rip off the top of the packet, and squeeze the product directly into your mouth, or into a drink, or on top of a salad - it’s that easy! Not to mention Coromega is one of the highest quality supplements on the market, using superior emulsified formulas.

This emulsified formula offers 3x the absorption of traditional fish pills, and it’s a simple solution to the problem of swallowing pills. Did we mention our squeeze packets are also delicious? There’s not a better way (and better tasting way) to support your health goals today.