As a health-conscious person, you’ve probably considered taking a supplement at one point or another. If you’re still on the fence, consider that recent data has found that most Americans fall short in many key nutrients. No one wants to believe that they aren’t following a healthy diet… but don’t worry! You’re surely not alone, and we aren’t here to shame or blame you.

Regardless of how hard we try to eat hardily, sometimes age, gender, and health conditions impact our ability to absorb nutrients. Nutritional deficiency tests are not often included in standard physical workups, which leaves many Americans in the dark about where they stand! 

Research from the Council for Responsible Nutrition found that those who consistently take nutritional supplements have a lower risk of developing nutritional deficiencies altogether. While this info is hopeful when it comes to the importance of supplements, you may still be wondering about the nitty gritty. Luckily, we have more answers for you. Here's the scoop:

Dietary Gaps: Our diets often fall short due to so much missing nutritionally from many of our staple foods. Fast food and processed snacks lack essential nutrients, and fresh produce can be too expensive for many Americans to eat regularly. Supplements can fill the gaps when the struggle for nutrient-dense food persists.

Busy Lifestyles: Hectic schedules, stress, and lack of sleep can impact our nutrition. Needless to say, these are issues that affect us all. Even when we make healthy decisions eating out, restaurant prepared food may have high contents of unhealthy ingredients that are not apparent. Supplements offer a quick fix to ensure we get necessary vitamins and minerals.

Health Needs: Different life stages and health conditions require specific nutrients. Pregnant women need more folic acid, older adults need vitamin D and calcium, and vegetarians often need B12. Beyond life stages, American lifestyle unfortunately often fosters chronic illness, which can be supported with adequate nutrition. Supplements provide tailored support in these diverse health situations.

At every stage of life, we ALL need omega-3! There’s a good chance that life is holding you back from having a proper omega-3 intake. But, not to worry: has the perfect omega-3 solutions to get you back on track.

In short, while a balanced diet is ideal, supplements help many Americans maintain proper nutrition amidst busy lives and varying health needs. We are all unique when it comes to health but share many of the same struggles!