Believe it or not, Valentine’s Day isn’t the only celebration of the heart in February...

Heart Health Month is a celebration of speaking up about our cardiovascular health, and spreading awareness on how to keep things pumping as they should. During this short but important month, giving some love to tools that support the heart and its colleagues is a great way to prioritize your health. We’ve compiled five tasty and beneficial products that we think you’ll dig as much as we do.


  1. We’d be crazy to not start out with our personal favorite, Coromega MAX Omega-3 Squeeze Shots. Omega-3 is one of the best-known health-heath superheroes, and we are proud to support its efforts! Being far more bioavailable than the average fish oil gel, this is the ultimate omega product if you want a tasty supplement with the most bang for your buck (and body).

  1. Two Leaves & a Bud Turmeric Antioxidant Tea is an easy way to get a mega-boost of antioxidants into your morning or nighttime routine optimal for heart health. Robust and full of spices, this tea is kosher, organic, and even compostable! (P.S. This tea is caffeine free so you can use it in your relaxation arsenal!) 

  1. Wonderful Pistachios No Salt is undeniably a classic heart friendly snack. Keepin’ it classy, these nuts are full of potassium, vitamin K, phytosterols and beta-carotene while also being low in saturated fat and sodium. 

  1. ALO COCO Aloe Vera + Coconut Water supports your cardiovascular system by replenishing electrolytes and with its high levels of magnesium. There are many electrolyte beverages on the market, but few with this many added benefits from natural sources.

  1. Love Beets Ready to Eat Cooked Beets are a fresh, easy cooked snack that you will be glad you munched on. Beets are renowned for their heart loving benefits. High in nitrates, low in cholesterol, these pre-prepared purple treats are perfect for the cardio-conscious consumer.

We hope you ♥️ these!

February may be short, but your dedication to heart health doesn’t have to be! Check out these vascular virtuous products and keep exploring the ways in which you can protect your heart. Don’t forget to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any diet, supplement, or other health product.