What is omega-3 known for?

Classically, health enthusiasts often associate omega-3 fatty acids with heart, brain, and eye health. If you have high cholesterol, you’ve probably heard a concerned doctor or family member say, “you should really look into adding more fish into your diet”. This is due to the impact that omega-3 in certain fish has on lowering high triglycerides. Now besides the common associations, you may be wondering if there is anything else omega-3 may be good for. Lucky for you, we have the answer!

Overall, modern-day research has concluded that omega-3 is instrumental in systemic regulation throughout the body. People with disorders such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sjogren’s Syndrome, Lupus, and many more can benefit from omega-3 fatty acid supplementation. This is especially true given that inflammatory disorders often cause periods of illness in which it can be difficult for people to get all necessary nutrients through diet alone.The American Heart Association recommends eating 2 servings of fish (particularly fatty fish) per week. While this is excellent advice, there are many barriers such as nausea, dysphasia, and mobility issues that can keep those with chronic illnesses from fulfilling this need (that’s where we come in to save the day 😄). 

What’s so groundbreaking anyway?

Recently, a new and important role for omega-3 fatty acids has been highlighted by National Institute of Health funded research… lung health. Much research has been done in regard to the importance of nutrients and diet when treating conditions such as cancer and autoimmune disorders, but nothing much for chronic lung diseases. Now, that has all changed. According to the NIH, the study provides the strongest evidence to date of this association and underscores the importance of including omega-3 fatty acids in the diet, especially given that many Americans do not meet current guidelines. In conclusion… get those omega-3s down your gullet people!

How do I stay consistent with taking my omegas?

There are all sorts of tips and tricks to staying on top of taking your vitamins, but here are some that we liked the best:

  • Set a daily reminder both digitally and physically.

  • Everybody loves using their phone, but don’t shy away from a good sticky note. Whether it’s on your desk, fridge, or even dashboard, the more visible the better.

  • Align taking your supplement with other important daily tasks.

  • Doing something at the same time every day really helps it stick, so we recommend taking your omegas during a time of day that is already habitual to you (before breakfast, after lunch, before bed, etc.). 

  • Take your omega-3 in a way you most enjoy.

  • For some it's baked salmon twice a week, for others it's a pill, for us it's a delicious squeezable treat. Coromega offers a high concentration fish oil squeeze that is portable, tasty, and fish burp free. Whether you’re on the go or hate pills, Coromega’s Omega-3 Max Squeeze is a great way to ensure you aren’t forgetting about the nutrients you need.