Coromega: How We Started 

We know you have been enjoying Coromega Omega-3 fish oil for a long time. Many of you have been loyal Coromega customers for 20 years or more. You may have asked yourself, "How did Coromega start and who invented the unique emulsification process we use?" Well here is your answer...

It started with a little girl in Norway, and her loving Grandpa Johan. Brillafint!

 Monica ElfGrandpa Johan

The origin of our famous Coromega formula began in Norway in 1980. A well-known scientist named Grandpa Johan was worried because his granddaughter, Monica, didn’t like taking fish oil, which is not only important for children's health but is a traditional expectation in Scandinavian Countries.

"Ta tran hver dag!" - take your fish oil every day.

In order to make it delicious for Monica, Grandpa Johan created an emulsified formula that was flavored with oranges so that it would taste a lot better and not have an oily texture. Many say his recipe tastes like an “orange dreamsicle,” and looks like a sports gel. His goal was to make omega-3 more of a treat than a chore, and he succeeded because Monica loved it!

To perfect the science and the formula, Johan worked for many more years (and Monica tried many different versions) until he had a finished formula for which he earned a patent. In 1999, Coromega brought Grandpa Johan's delicious healthy technology to the US and built our own factory in San Diego where we formulate and produce every batch ourselves, to the highest standards and certifications. 

As with any great invention, there are sometimes additional benefits that are not known until further study has been conducted. In our case the biggest surprise was that emulsifying fish oil not only made it taste great, but also caused better absorption on the omega-3 in the human body. In fact, Coromega is clinically proven to have 3x better absorption than regular fish oil pills. Another benefit, and one that we all appreciate, is the elimination of the dreaded fish burps which is a common complaint in people who take fish oil supplements. Better absorption means fewer burps because the nutrients are available for your body to absorb.

You might be surprised to hear that Johan's granddaughter Monica still takes her Coromega everyday, and is now a mother herself.  She has four young boys who all enjoy taking their Coromega too. Since many of you are like us and on a journey to better health, we thought you might enjoy meeting Monica and hearing a little more about her story too, so we reached out to her for a conversation.

Monica was very kind to let us interview her, Please enjoy this short interview below:

Coromega:  Please tell us about your grandfather and what you remember.

Monica: He was always very interested in science and had a strong passion for health and science. He first created a vitamin D product called Sana-sol, which is widely sold in Norway, still. Then he created Coromega which is taken by people all around the world - he really believed in the importance of fish oil and good nutrition.

Coromega: You’ve been using Coromega now for over 20 years, tell us how you like it and how it helps your health journey?

Monica: I love taking Coromega, I take it every morning and love the taste of it. My kids Jakob, Sebastian, and Philip still take Coromega daily too. 

Coromega: What advice do you have for people out there on their health journey/or what have you learned about health, happiness and longevity (beyond fish oil)

Monica: Get a dog so you can walk everywhere. Everyone in Europe finds a way to walk everywhere no matter what.

Coromega: Do you like eating fish today, or do you still hate it?

Monica: I always liked to eat fish, but did not like the taste of fish oil. Johan made it possible for me to get the benefit of fish oil without a bad taste.

Coromega: Tell us something about Grandpa Johan that may surprise us – a fun fact!

Monica: He was a creative person, played harmonica, painted... he was a curious person. He looked like Santa Claus and we lived near a preschool - so the kids would run by our house and tap on the window to see Santa.

Coromega: What do you think Grandpa Johan would say if he knew that all these years later his invention was still helping to improve human health through omega-3 fatty acids and fish oil?

Monica: He would be very proud to see how many people he has helped and how fish oil could be such a great benefit to Coromega takers’ lives.

One of the things we think is so great about Monica’s story is that we know many of you, like us, are looking for the best ways to approach their personal health, not only with diet but with exercise and mental health. It's always helpful if there are easier ways to make better health practices a part of your daily health rituals. Omega-3 essential fatty acids are a cornerstone of human health, and we sincerely hope that you are able to make it a part of your journey... whether it is with fresh fish, vegetarian sources, or a fish oil supplement like Coromega.

We hope our great tasting formula makes it easier for you to get the nutrition you need, just like it did for Monica. We are proud to carry on Grandpa Johan’s grand vision and we wish all of you the best of health. 

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