As warm weather approaches, it brings a lot of benefits! Getting enough Vitamin D becomes a bit easier, the blooming scenery makes you smile… however…

Stress can take over life no matter the season. Being that April is National Stress Awareness Month, we’d like to share some tips on how to stop and smell the flowers. 

Nutrients Matter

We’ve all heard the phrase “food is fuel”, but what exactly does that mean?

When it comes to stress management, it means that nutrition matters when keeping your body feeling its best. Here are some nutrients we recommend when it comes to stress fighting excellence:

Omega-3: Of course, we must start with our favorite (we may be a little biased 😊)! Known for a long time as vital to our bodies, omega-3 has been touted for its mood regulation capabilities.

It’s important to remember however, that stress can also manifest itself physically. Thankfully, omega-3 can be used to support your body’s fight against physical stress too! By aiding the cardiovascular, muscular, nervous system and brain, you can feel confident that prioritizing omegas is the way to go.

Expert Tip: The key to increasing your omega-3 intake successfully is to find the easiest, most bioavailable way to consume it. That’s quite literally why we invented a non-pill, delicious and highly absorbable omega-3 supplement.

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Vitamin D: There’s a reason why a good beach day seems to solve your problems for a little while… Spending time in the sun helps your body create the anti-stress superhero Vitamin D! We do recommend a bit of supplementation in harmony with your sunshine. Many Americans struggle to get enough Vitamin D naturally, so being proactive is key!

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Magnesium: Magnesium for stress support is all the rage right now. Although its stress fighting association is relatively new, Magnesium doesn’t fall short when it comes to importance and diverse purposes.

Vitamin C: Going back to the classics, Vitamin C is a must have in your nutrition regimen. Stress can take a toll on your immune system. Not to fear though, Vitamin C is there to save the day! Many people enjoy getting their Vitamin C from fresh fruits. If this is a challenge for you, it is always smart to look into supplementation. 

Fun Fact: Coromega also adds Vitamin C to our omega-3 products. We’re looking out for ya!

Curcumin: You may love a good turmeric tea, but did you know that the active nutrient in turmeric (curcumin) is another stress supporting tool? Having many different bragging rights, curcumin is a unique underdog when it comes to battling issues that stress exacerbates. We know that it’s difficult to consume enough turmeric via fancy drinks or spiced dishes, that’s why Coromega offers a tasty Turmeric Max Booster!

Stay Nourished, Stay Zen.

We hope the tips on fighting stress through nutrition helps bring you peace this month, and every month. Remember, you should always contact a physician when you are experiencing high levels of stress. You are not alone on this journey, feeling your best is vital!

*Dietary supplement products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.*