Every health and wellness product has its own essence and style. At Coromega we take pride not only in our individual look, but also in the fact that uniqueness in formula, delivery, and most of all flavor, is what makes us special.


Pills are not for everyone.

We know most people truly don’t enjoy taking pills. No one should have to suffer for their health! Whether you have a condition that affects your ability to swallow, or giant pills just make you uneasy, we are here to help! Coromega products are formulated with care, making our smooth and sweet emulsion perfect for any age group. We want to make omega-3 accessible, learn more about dysphagia swallowing disorder here.

Delicious = Consistent 

According to Mental Health America, people with more daily routines have lower levels of distress when facing problems with their health or negative life events. When it comes to healthy routines, we could not agree more!

The more you enjoy something, the easier it will be to complete everyday. You should not have to dread your routine! People look forward to dessert at the end of a meal, Coromega’s delicious flavors can help you look forward to omega-3 at the start of your day!

Unlike most other supplements, we have always made taste a high priority.

Coromega was originally developed by Grandpa Johan out of concern for his little granddaughter, Monica. In Norway, fish oil is a staple for optimal health in the chilly region. However, children often have trouble swallowing large capsules and dislike the fishy taste. Creating a wonderful solution, Johan developed an “orange-creamsicle” like flavor that his granddaughter loved! From then on, the importance of a non-fishy, pleasant omega-3 supplement became the beating heart of our brand. The rest is history!

We WANT you to love taking our product.

Here at Coromega, we are committed to constant product innovations. Whether it's improving our packaging, adding new flavors, or simply making our products more powerful, we are always listening to our customers' ideas. The fact that our customers love to take our product is what makes Coromega unique amongst other omega-3 supplements. This Halloween, we want your omega-3 routine to be a treat only, no tricks allowed!